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I began writing stories almost as soon as I learned to write. From my 1st grade 'journal' full of tales of rabbit adventures to my first full length book at 14.  I have always had a love for writing stories.

Besides words I also have a love for tech. From an early age I built 'bread boards', soldering diodes and components to create such things as a light detecting alarm clock and other such ...useless things.  I moved on to building my first DOS PC at 15. I also graduated School at 15. Later on I became a certified PC tech. 

I am happily married with lots of furry little 'children'.  Most of which I raised by hand when a local rescue group or friends brought me orphaned babies to bottle feed. 

I have over 20 books waiting to be written, and more adding to it each day. Most of my writing is Fantasy based, I have a few  fantasy/Sci-fi mixes (like Space Trippers) and at least one comedy adventure. 

I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.


Sample Blog Post For Space Trippers:

My name is Aurora Lightbourne, I am a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer, creator to the Space Trippers books.

Space Trippers is a space adventure series with humor.

The story revolves around the main character, Valesque, but you get to see things from all of the character's perspectives.


Book 1 starts out with Valesque walking around her unfinished project, smiling and happy.

Her good mood is suddenly interrupted when she spots groups of people with crew commission duffel bags congregating in the ship's halls.

Her world starts to spiral out of control as she realizes a corrupt Earthian organization, the I.P.A, has overtaken her unfinished ship and ordered it out to the war zone!

Worse yet, they shanghaied her as part of the crew.

Valesque must now figure out what has happened, while protecting her defenseless ship and the rest of the involuntary crew.

Her troubles compound when she discovers that someone has also secretly installed her most regretted invention onboard; a space warp generating device, the Space Tripper.

Soon she is befriended by a very flirty, ex-fighter pilot, a shy science officer and an air-headed android girl. But after the facts behind the sabotage have been revealed to her, she is unsure who she can trust and so must try to thwart the enemies' plans on her own, while keeping her actions secret from everyone else onboard.


The story has a serious plot but also contains a lot of humor, especially when Tim tries all of his pick-up lines on Valesque and gets shot down cold every time.


Join the adventure with Book 1 in the series. All the books are episodic, building on each other in succession. You can even read part of Book 1: Trippin' FREE from the link on my website! http://alightbourne.netau.net/


Also, please support me with my 'Pet Project' of donating 15% of my book sale profits to no-kill animal shelters. As an animal lover this is something dear to my heart. To help those poor imjured, abused or abandoned creatures find loving, forever homes. More information is on my website.


Thank you for joining me on NAME OF BLOG


A. Lightbourne's Space Trippers Books 1-4 are available as ebooks for ipad, kindle, sony and more from major ebook retailers. And in paperback from her website.


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BRASS HEARTS- A Steampunk Fairytale



All Dulcy Spry wants in life is to inherit her father's small family business, and help run it while she waits. But after a fateful encounter with the snobbish Mr Pridget on the roadside Dulcy's best friend, Alise, and younger sister, Rosa, drag the reluctant Miss Spry into high society, where lies, manipulations and family secrets threaten to ruin her peaceful life and cast her into the dismal prison of an unwanted marriage.


Brass Hearts is a Cinderella-esque type story. It is a sweet, old fashioned romance, complete with bad impressions, lies, misunderstandings and social divide.


Brass Hearts Sample:



Some of my Author 'appearances' for Brass Hearts tour in 2011









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