Space Trippers Book 3 Mobi

July 14, 2017 dawbor

Mobi/Kindle version of Space Trippers Book 3: A Frosty Farewell

The ship is in need of water, so, using the map Valesque found on Capecea, the crew sets off to icy Glidz, the nearest water trade planet. Meanwhile, Valesque has unlocked some disturbing secret files on one of the upper crewmen. Long hidden secrets that could change the entire life of one person onboard.
With their record in the area so far, will our heroes be able to get the water they need from the temperamental Water Princess?
And if they do, will they be going home with one less crewmate?

Merena pursed her lips together as she gave the argonaut Engineer a loathsome glare. “I doubt the people would appreciate your ruining their trade by revealing the secret of the waters either.” she disapproved.
“It’s not like I am going to publish a paper.” the Virrilian dismissed, as she pushed the rolled up sweater sleeves further up her arms. “I just want to see how it works…
and see if we can get some water so we can be on our way.” she justified.
“What you are likely to get is the rest of us in trouble.” Merena grumbled in annoyance.

“Uh, oh.” Valesque shrugged apologetically to Sanic as arms reached down to seize them.

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