Space Trippers Book 2 Mobi

July 14, 2017 dawbor

Mobi/Kindle version of Space Trippers Book 2: Just Passing Through

The adventure continues as Tim rescues an alien damsel in distress. With the ship in need of food stores, thanks to Lola and her fiasco in the hydroponics lab, the green girl leads them to a nearby trade planet. But the trade aliens seem a little too interested in Valesque for Tim and Sanic’s comfort. When she goes missing it is up to them to retrace her last few hours aboard ship, and they become quite disturbed when they find much more than they bargained
for in the secret recesses of the ship’s twisting corridors.

“Who dares disturb my lair?” an eerie, watery voice demanded from behind them. Tim and Sanic spun in alarm at the unexpected sound, only to be confronted
by an even more unnerving sight.
Floating in the air was the dark figure of a woman, hands raised with pointed, claw-like nails aimed at them as they stood in shock below her.

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