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h2  Why no new posts lately?


I have been down sick with a really bad cold since the end of November so I have not been up to posting anything new. I am hoping this thing goes away soon so I can get back to the Friday posting schedule.I still have a lot of sinus pressure and a stopped up ear that are making life miserable.


I have been helping get a new genre specific Writers’ Guild up and running too. It should be able to go live Jan 1 at the latest. Our programmer still has a few bits to work out. But we have a Guild store live on Zazzle: Guild_Gear. It has SciFan logos merchandise and some art by our working partner who designed all the SciFan logos and is making the items for the shop.

The Guild site is and we are also on Twitter and Instagram! (we are on other social media sites too but the links aren’t up on the site yet.)

If you are a Science Fantasy writer follow us for updates about opening day when you can join the guild and get listed for fellow authors and readers to find you.

If you are a reader watch our feeds (links at the guild website) as we will be featuring authors and letting you know what kinds of stories our writers are putting out!

Till then, stay well everybody! Not. Like. Me. Blahhhhhh.



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